August 25, 1814

All the while, this was such an amazement to me because I never knew that Great Britain's cruelness could reach to such an elevated level.

While walking through town to buy the daily newspaper called the Baltimore Patriot, I still thought about what the British had done. After I bought a newspaper, I saw on the front that Dr. Beanes, a close friend of mine, had been arrested! "How could this be?" I kept asking myself. So I read the article to find some more information.

When I was finished reading, I had found out that Dr. Beanes was looking after some wounded British soldiers. After the whole crew had left, three stragglers began making trouble. The doctor had them thrown in jail, but the British got angry and arrested Dr. Beanes! He's such a kind man, but he shouldn't have done that. By his actions, he was causing more trouble for the Americans! Great Britain will be seeing a whole lot of us.

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