August 26, 1814

Today I went to buy the Baltimore Patriot newspaper and returned home as quickly as I had come. When I got home, I took off my overcoat and sat in my big, soft, comfortable chair. There, I read the newspaper. On page 4 of the Baltimore Patriot, it read that three hostages were being held on a British ship! The names of the three men were Francis Scott Key, Colonel Skinner, and Dr. Beanes, of course.

The only reason Francis Scott Key and Colonel Skinner were there was because they tried to retrieve Dr. Beanes and make sure he was okay. Also they were there to make sure that nothing happened to him while he was in jail. I hope that they are okay because if they die, it would be a great loss to us all.

There was another article about joining the militia. They need young, strong men who can use an arm. I wanted to join to help our nation fight for freedom and be under the command of General Armistead. He could help lead us to victory.

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