"Letters From Looney" features Looney Lobster traveling to 1700s Boston.

Dear 5D4 Students,

When my aunt, Maria Bradshaw, came home and told me about the smallpox on the ship, I immediately told my mother, Amy Wakefield, to prepare some old blankets and old clothing so that if I ever went on the ship, I could give them the blankets and clothing. Then I heard that Henry Stud was going to burn down the ship so I asked him, "Why don't we just move the ship to one of the islands in Boston Harbor?" Stud agreed.

My Aunt Maria and I, with some other people and Looney Lobster, volunteered to help the sick people at the island. When Looney and I were packing things we needed, my son, Steven, had sneaked on board the little boat to go to the island. He was hiding in one of Scott Robins' barrels.

On another day, when Maria was looking for herbs, she found Steven laying weakly on the ground behind the bushes. Steven was taken to my tent. He wasn't that badly hurt, but it is tough enough to a child.

On one night, Looney and I sneaked one of Scott's barrels. We tried to sneak Steven out because he could get sick worse with smallpox if he still breathed in the sick air. We took him to my house that no one lived in now. No one in my family was allowed to see Steven, not even my wife. She had to be healthy to take care of the family while Looney and I were helping Steven. Later Steven was getting better and better. As soon as you know it, he was able to leave the old house and come home. Then Looney and I went back to the island and helped Sable, April, Tiara, and Henry Stud's mother.

What happened next?

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