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"Following the Iditarod"

A "Teaching Children Social Studies with the Internet project" suggested by Marjorie Duby, retired practitioner Joseph Lee Elementary School

Project name: Iditarod

Original access: a Kidsphere message looking for participants

Type of project: electronic mail

Discipline(s): Geography, map skills, reading, graphing, polling

Grade level:Middle-upper elementary with much teacher guidance


To follow the Iditarod race by receiving the race information of checkpoint and along the route happenings along with information about the mushers. To connect this race to work being done in the classroom about sled dog racing, life in Alaskan wilderness, tie in with reading "Stone Fox" and viewing "Iron Will" and/or "Balto."

Description of the original project:

Time commitment: For the two week period near the time of the race, you need time for daily downloading of race result messages. Should you opt to reply to questions on the Iditanet project, more time should be allowed for sending electronic mail.

Telecommunications skills: electronic mail; possibility of distribution lists

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