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Page 1 - General Affidavit of Harriet Tubman

Earlier attempt for Civil War Benefits (previous Charles P. Wood attempt - June 1, 1888)

Analyze this document using Bloom's Taxonomy.

        • Observe the overall document, focusing on the top half and the bottom half content.
        • Identify when this document was written.
        • Locate the names of the witnesses.
        • Who was the notary public?
        • Reproduce Harriet's signature.
        • What facts reveal that Harriet could not write?
        • Which statements must be verified about Harriet's military claims?
        • According to the document, why did Harriet have two witnesses?
        • What two services did Harriet claim to have performed in hospitals?
        • For what purpose did Harriet command scouts?
        • In which conflict did Harriet serve?
        • From whom did Harriet take orders and directions?
        • How much money does Harriet request in her claim?
        • According to the document, where will we find additional information related to her claim?
        • Locate the phrase that states that Harriet is involved in the case.
        • What facts can you locate in the document that shows that Harriet is aware of additional information existing on annexed copies?

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