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54th Massachusetts Colored Regiment

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Booklist - 54th Regiment
Civil War Resources

NARA - Document Analysis Worksheet
Teaching with Documents

Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Memorial
Robert G. Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment


Boston African American National Historic Site (BOAF) (Shaw Memorial
Memorial - 54th Massachusetts Regiment

NARA - The Fight for Equal Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

NARA - Black POW Treatment
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln
NARA - Equal Pay for Black Soldiers
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

NARA - Charles and Lewis Douglass
Soldiers - 54th Massachusetts Colored Regiment

NARA - Sgt. William H. Carney, New Bedford
Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War

NARA - Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Teaching Activities - Civil War
NARA - William H. Carney Descriptive Record
Soldier's Military Record - Civil War

Stephen Atkins Swails (officer)
Soldier - 54th Massachusetts Regiment
National Park Service - Civil War History
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

James H. Gooding, New Bedford
Massachusetts Black Corporal to the President
Soldier's Newspaper Article

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