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Task 4: Group Follow-up Activity for Fishing Stages Print
"You Are There Dramatics" Tableau

Tableaus are short representations of a picture or scene. Teacher and/or students select classmates to represent specific characters in one of the illustrations. Standing in the character spots represented in the illustration, the students come alive with animated interpretative comments of their assumed fictitious character using factually accurate comments. Students might undertake this activity with or without props.

Process: As a class, break into groups with classmates selected to represent specific characters in the illustration. The purpose of this activity is for each student to come alive with animated interpretative comments of his assumed fictitious character’s story. This animation might be accomplished from a variety of strategies. Select the technique you prefer.

  1. Using an "on-the-spot interview" of each character by a classmate/character (Synthesis) - Each character creates the script for what the interviewer will ask him and is prepared to respond to that script.
  2. Using the "spotlight hits you and speak" strategy, each student has created a script of what he will say and speaks randomly as a statue coming to life when prompted to speak. (Synthesis)
  3. Using "story starter role* cards" relating the person's job, personal background, or feelings prepared by student groups or the teacher, each student is prepared to share his character’s story with the group. (Synthesis)

Optional: Props and background music add to the atmosphere of the presentation.

*Role playing is the spontaneous acting out of real-life problems and situations. As students take on roles and play their part, the audience can determine attitudes, appreciations, and information from the contribution.

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