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Student Content Information: Evidence of Active Fishing Enterprises

Teacher note: The following quotations support the importance of fishing-related work. Apply them where applicable to your curriculum content.

  1. Francis Higginison in New England’s Plantation 1630 - "The abundance of sea-fish are almost beyond believing; and sure I should scarce have believed it except I had seen it with mine own eyes. I saw great store of whales, and grampuses, and such abundance of mackerels that it would astonish one to behold; likewise codfish, abundance on the coasat, and in their season are plentifully taken. . . . . a bass . . lobsters . . (Hale, p. 11)
  2. In the charter to the company of adventurers to the Bay, nothing was to "enure to hinder our loving subjects whatsoever to use and exercise the trade of fishing upon that coast of New England and to build and sett up upon the landes by theis presents graunted such wharfes stages, and worke-houses as shalbe necessarie for the salting drying and packing their fish." (Weeden, p. 130)
  3. The Desire left fishing, and after a seven months’ voyage returns to Salem from Providence, W.I., with cotton, tobacco, and negroes, and with salt from the Tortugas. (Weeden, p. 137)

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