August 27, 1814

Around noon, they called in everyone who had signed up to be in the militia. They needed all the men they could get. I had signed up the day I saw it in the Baltimore Patriot. They wanted everyone in because they were going to start training the soldiers. I took my arm along just in case.

When I got there, there were mostly farmers practicing loading their arms. They were trying to do it in under two minutes. Also others were practicing their aim and inside an office, men were talking about where they were going to anchor the American ships. They had a map out on a desk and were pointing out areas that ehy thought were good places and giving reasons why.

I walked in and a man told me to sign my name on the sheet of paper over on another desk. After I finished signing my name, the same man came over to me and asked if I had ever been in the militia. I said I had not.

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