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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Motivation for Planning a Travel Buddy Project

To design a telecommunications, travel buddy project, you should really want to do it, be willing to experiment with it, and be willing to put in the major time commitment it will take as the designer and manager of the project. Design your project with specific goals, specific tasks, and specific outcomes. Why make more work for yourself. Create the project to specifically broaden activities you are already doing! Begin with a small project getting your feet wet while gaining confidence and learning along the way. You might prefer to plan the project with a colleague so you will have built-in support. You might prefer to plan and execute the project alone, but have the ear of a colleague for support. Support is important!

As you continue to plan, in your mind, go through the project as a participant virtually living the experiences you are suggesting. This can help you troubleshoot and solve both technical problems as well as problems with the basic project design before they even happen. Do all the "what ifs" in anticipation of any bottlenecks that might occur.

The "Looney Lobsters on the Loose" project and "The Looneys Love Regional Literature" projects are not small, get your feet wet projects, but they have the elements of what would be included in any project you undertake. I have found that keeping the project requirements basic and easily doable breeds success. Your participants make or break your project. They have daily commitments. Throughout the project, keep your group participants updated and involved since that information and contact is what they get from the project.

Good luck with your projects and if you ever need a participant class, keep my class in mind!

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