<% Answer1 = "D" Answer2 = "I" Answer3 = "F" Answer4 = "K" Answer5 = "L" Answer6 = "G" Answer7 = "A" Answer8 = "J" Answer9 = "E" Answer10 = "B" Answer11 = "H" Answer12 = "C" Answer13= "M" Answer14 = "W" Answer15 = "O" Answer16 = "S" Answer17 = "R" Answer18 = "Z2" Answer19 = "X" Answer20 = "T" Answer21 = "N" Answer22 = "U" Answer23= "Q" Answer24 = "Z" Answer25 = "Y" Answer26 = "P" Answer27 = "V" Answer28 = "A2" clue1 = "Leslie Kronk's 4th graders in Waconia, MN" clue2 = "Terry Conrad's 5th graders in Richmond, TX" clue3 = "Gary Seelig's 5th graders in Belfair, WA" clue4 = "5th graders at the Wilson Elementary School in Hays, KS" clue5 = "Karen Newens' 5th graders in Las Animas, CO" clue6 = "Dr. Denise Johnson's Pre-Service group
at the Univ. of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR" clue7 = "Chris Wolf's 4th graders in Waukesha, WI" clue8 = "Marlene Morrow's 3rd graders in Wexford, PA" clue9 = "Susan Murray's group in Santa Fe, NM (2)" clue10 = "Kelly Andrews-Babcock's 3rd graders in Willimantic, CT" clue11 = "Pamela Blackwell's 3rd graders in Amarillo, TX" clue12 = "Holly Williams' 3rd graders in Etowah, TN" clue13 = "Susan Hinton's 7th graders in Smithville, TN" clue14 = "Patt Squicciarini's 5th graders in West Babylon, NY" clue15 = "Evelyn Kelley's 1st graders in Birmingham, AL" clue16 = "John Lindner's 3rd graders in San Jose, CA" clue17 = "Gail Davis' class in Belfair, WA" clue18 = "Barbara Nass' 4th graders in Santa Fe, NM" clue19 = "Marjorie Duby's 5th graders in Boston, MA" clue20 = "Anne Guilbeaux's 5th graders in Abbeville, LA " clue21 = "Daphney Delaney's 5th graders in Southport, NC" clue22 = "Linda Blumenshine's 5th graders in Marseilles, IL" clue23 = "Alice Johnson's 6th graders in Florence, SC" clue24 = "Brooke Keller's 5th graders in Fernley, NV" clue25 = "Norma Goldstein's 5th graders in Jericho, NY" clue26 = "Ruth Petsel's 5th graders in Ironton, MO" clue27 = "Sherry Dupre's 3rd graders in Alvord, TX" clue28 = "Dawn Walsh's 5th graders
JoAnne Rupp's 6th graders
in Archbold, OH" item1 = request.form("Clue1") item2 = request.form("Clue2") item3 = request.form("Clue3") item4 = request.form("Clue4") item5 = request.form("Clue5") item6 = request.form("Clue6") item7 = request.form("Clue7") item8 = request.form("Clue8") item9 = request.form("Clue9") item10 = request.form("Clue10") item11 = request.form("Clue11") item12 = request.form("Clue12") item13 = request.form("Clue13") item14 = request.form("Clue14") item15 = request.form("Clue15") item16 = request.form("Clue16") item17 = request.form("Clue17") item18 = request.form("Clue18") item19 = request.form("Clue19") item20 = request.form("Clue20") item21 = request.form("Clue21") item22 = request.form("Clue22") item23 = request.form("Clue23") item24 = request.form("Clue24") item25 = request.form("Clue25") item26 = request.form("Clue26") item27 = request.form("Clue27") item28 = request.form("Clue28") MatchAnswer = "N" if ucase(trim(item1)) = answer1 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue1 end if if ucase(trim(item2)) = answer2 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue2 end if if ucase(trim(item3)) = answer3 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue3 end if if ucase(trim(item4)) = answer4 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue4 end if if ucase(trim(item5)) = answer5 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue5 end if if ucase(trim(item6)) = answer6 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue6 end if if ucase(trim(item7)) = answer7 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue7 end if if ucase(trim(item8)) = answer8 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue8 end if if ucase(trim(item9)) = answer9 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue9 end if if ucase(trim(item10)) = answer10 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue10 end if if ucase(trim(item11)) = answer11 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue11 end if if ucase(trim(item12)) = answer12 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue12 end if if ucase(trim(item13)) = answer13 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue13 end if if ucase(trim(item14)) = answer14 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue14 end if if ucase(trim(item15)) = answer15 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue15 end if if ucase(trim(item16)) = answer16 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue16 end if if ucase(trim(item17)) = answer17 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue17 end if if ucase(trim(item18)) = answer18 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue18 end if if ucase(trim(item19)) = answer19 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue19 end if if ucase(trim(item20)) = answer20 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue20 end if if ucase(trim(item21)) = answer21 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue21 end if if ucase(trim(item22)) = answer22 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue22 end if if ucase(trim(item23)) = answer23 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue23 end if if ucase(trim(item24)) = answer24 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue24 end if if ucase(trim(item25)) = answer25 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue25 end if if ucase(trim(item26)) = answer26 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue26 end if if ucase(trim(item27)) = answer27 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue27 end if if ucase(trim(item28)) = answer28 then matchanswer = "Y" cluename=clue28 end if %> <% if matchanswer = "Y" then%> Where Is Locational Clues Yes

YES !!

Looney will be going to <%=cluename%>!

You have responded to the clue correctly!

Go "back" for more "Mystery Clues."
<% else %> Where Is Locational Clues No

Try again ! !

That city and state are NOT a match for those mystery clues!

Go "back," review the clue information, and respond to the clue again!

<% end if %>