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About the 1850 U.S. Census


New & Different in the 1850 Census

  The 1850 census was the first to record each person's name (not just head of household), specific age, occupation of those over age 15, place of birth, and value of real estate.

  Prior to 1850, children and spouses were counted within age categories and not named individually.

  Five new states - Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin and California - were added for the 1850 census, for a total of 31 states.

  Four new territories were included: Oregon Territory, Minnesota Territory, New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory. No enumeration was conducted for the Unorganized Territory of the Great Plains, however.

  Schedules of slave inhabitants were taken in the Southern states, naming only the slave owner and indicating if a slave was black or mulatto, and his or her sex and age. (1850 slave census http://tiny.cc/whFMU) (http://www.genealogical.com/products/The%201850%20Census%20of%20Georgia%20Slave%20Owners/9248.html)

  The 1850 census also includes a mortality schedule, giving information about individuals who died within the previous twelve months, and an agricultural schedule, completed for farms and plantations with an annual produce value of at least $100.


Columnar headings in the 1850 census

  Name, age, and sex of each individual in the household

  Color or race of each individual (white, black, or mulatto)

  Profession, occupation, or trade of each individual over age fifteen

  Value of real estate owned by each individual

  Place of birth (state, territory, or country)

  Whether married within the year

  Whether attended school within the year

  Whether able to read and write, if over twenty years old

  Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, a pauper or a convict


Source: About the 1850 U.S. Census - http://dir.genealogytoday.com/census/1850/index.html


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