Task 5/6: Organizational Template Assessment for Persuasive letter or argument

History of the problem (list the problem areas)



Comparisons to similar situations with other things



Reveal personal information that is appropriate to the argument






Excerpts from interviews



Statistics: facts and figures


Remember to include:

A snappy, catchy, gripping title

A strong, deliberate lead that spells out the topic and brings the reader into the problem.

Conversational tone in the first person

Humor (even ridicule or sarcasm)

A strong conclusion that rams home the point and that resonates for the reader

Project or speculate into the future of the problem

Anticipates the readers questions

(You may ask that; If you were to say . . )

Transitional words or phrases . . but, now, of course, It is true, For obvious reasons, Although, In other words, Perhaps, Consider, When, Sometimes, Somehow, Not only, As While, Obviously, Fact:

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