Abraham Rebe Family

Note: This family research began during the late 20th century when Fannie Rubin Sniper's adult granddaughter, Marjorie, became interested in placing the members of Fannie's immigrant family from their origins in Lithuania into their settlement in the Boston area.

Placed in a social history context, from the analysis of public documents, it reveals United States entry points from Europe, demographic residency patterns of Yiddish Russians in the Boston area, the immigrant acclimation to life in the United States with the gradual Americanization of surname and first names, the livelihoods open to non-English speaking immigrant breadwinners, the support of family for temporary housing. It reveals the growth and movement of social institutions clustered in neighborhoods with the formation of houses of worship, the creation of burial grounds, and the marriage of children rooted in their common European geographic heritage and/or artisan associations.

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